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Computing Music

Since 2018, Axel Lindner has been involved in the activities of GIMIK e.V., whose main project is the curation and performance of the COMPUTING MUSIC concert series.

Computing Music Website:

Computing Music XIII

The 13th edition of the COMPUTING MUSIC series is a tribute to Clarence Barlow, who passed away last summer. Clarence Barlow was a co-founder of GIMIK in 1986 and a continuously active member thereafter. His work is the focus of a concert of multi-channel electronic pieces and a version of his composition …until… in a new arrangement for viola (Axel Lindner) and double bass (Constantin Herzog). The electronic works by Barlow on the programme will all be presented as four-channel versions. In addition, compositions by Björn Erlach, Bernd Härpfer, Siegfried Koepf and Masahiro Miwa will be performed, which were written for the given occasion and dedicated to Clarence Barlow. Many thanks to Birgit Faustmann for her generous support.

Computing Music XII

At the twelvth edition “COMPUTING MUSIC XII – Algorithmic Music for String Orchestra”, Axel Lindner conducted the ensemble in performances of compositions by Catherine Lamb, Marc Sabat, Bernd Härpfer, Siegfried Koepf and James Tenney.

Sound Sample: Marc Sabat, Streams barely in winter (for string ensemble) on Youtube

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