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Viola Nirwana I

for Viola Duo
Duration: 22′

VIOLA NIRWANA is a collection of duo miniatures that revolve like short episodes around a cycle of common musical themes: Pulsating minimal patterns moving up and down in microtonal intervals, melodically-harmonically coherent material suddenly “kinks” up or down by the factor of a quarter tone, textures of the same melodic shape that are different in harmony are superimposed. Regularly pulsating accompaniment patterns of one viola form the background for simultaneously sounding, recitative-like parlando passages of the other viola.

VIOLA NIRWANA is planned as a continuous, expanding series. The second part for 3 violas is in progress.

VIOLA NIRWANA I was premiered by Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg and Axel Lindner at the Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal on March 3rd 2023. A first recorded version can be heard on the Act Of Balance album:

Score Example: Viola Nirwana I
Score Example: Viola Nirwana I
Score Example: Viola Nirwana I

score excerpts

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